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  • Research driven and resource leveraged,

    we create long lasting value.


    Private Equity

    Focus on the growth and mature stage companies, covering areas such as high-tech, enterprise services and the healthcare sectors. We bring high returns to investors through a high-touch continuous service capability, mature and sound post-investment value-added system, skilled follow-up financing, capabilities in restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, pooling multiple industries' top resources can help generate multiple exits and bring high returns to investors.

    Venture Capital

    Focus on companies that are driven by technology and innovation, companies in a large market with good growth prospects run by teams with entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding execution ability. Target sub-sectors include Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and 5G, Big Data and enterprise services, smart manufacturing, technology. The portfolio mainly consists of Series A and B investments in early and mid-stage start-ups, with some also allocated to expansion stage enterprises with sufficient volume, reasonable valuation, and clear exit expectations.

    ? RMB and US dollar dual-currency funds, covering Venture Capital that focus on early stage investment and Private Equitythat focus on long-term, mid-to-late stage investment.

    ? Stick to research driven and value driven principles, and synchronize with investment banking business to provide multiple value-added services for investment portfolios and support the rapid enterprise growth.

    ? Create lasting value for portfolio companies and fund investors.


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